A Family Adage Becomes a Business Principle

The Adage

My mother always told me, “People who are truly successful in life think differently than people who never seem to get ahead.  People who remain employees are often stuck thinking about what they do.  Some higher-ups will be driven by how their employees do what they do.  But the people at the top – the people who are highly successful – know why.  Knowing why enables the ‘head’ to explain to the rest of the ‘body’ the reasons behind what and how the company produces.  Without knowing the why, the company would fall apart.”


The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle Principle

I am sure most of you have at least heard of the Research In Motion (RIM) letter which was leaked online, if you have not yet read it.  Included in this letter was a link to a TED talk video titled “Simon Sinek: how great leaders inspire action.” Between 2:00 and 6:30 of the video, Sinek describes how business currently think versus how they should think.  Most businesses operate and market themselves from the outside, in:  what -> how -> why.

Successful businesses operate in the opposite direction: why -> how -> what.


Why is this important?

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, your brand is crucial to your success.  I am not talking about your logo or your name, though those are important aspects.  What must be determined before all else is why your company does what it does, creates what it creates or thinks how it thinks.  With a clear and focused brand message, your clientele will have defined expectations of your company, become loyal and recommend your brand to others – especially on Social Media.   When you start with the why, your clientele and your business will both benefit in the long run.

Here’s where I come in…

Your company’s “why“ should be easily defined and then shouted from the rooftops.  You need a website which clearly outlines the why -> how -> what for your potential and existing customers.  You also should have a firm Social Media platform from which to “shout” your brand, and to “shout” it effectively.  Does your website communicate your brand clearly?  Do you or your company engage effectively on Social Media?  If you answered no to either question, then maybe it’s time we had a chat.

-  Keri Haywood

Sui Generis Editing


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