Keri is a passionate, articulate and detail-oriented editor and writer.  Research, editing and writing utilize her natural talents and enable her to discover, create and enlighten – talents which aid her clients, but also serve to further her own learning.  Being interested in a myriad of subjects, Keri is flexible enough to work with most industries while maintaining her clients’ individual voices and visions through her “sui generis” (unique) use of words.Reading is fundamental to Keri’s growth as a writer and editor.  She regards reading copious books as her equivalent to continued education.  She is capable of speed reading at 500-800 WPM.  Her comprehension while reading is superlative at 82%.  When combined, her speed and comprehension allow her to quickly process, understand and correct documents.

Keri graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2007 with a BA in English Literature.  She was also accepted into the highly competitive BFA Creative Writing Program.  Keri graduated with a GPA of 3.82 (A-) in both her English and Creative Writing courses.   She has gone on to edit academic Masters and Ph.D. theses, develop a diverse range of website content, and become a voice in the local Twitter scene.  She has had over eight years of personal blogging experience.

Since every project is customized, rates are determined once customer needs are assessed.  For project-specific quotes or more information, please contact Keri.